Web Developer Recruitment in Faraconesh Corporation

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I hardly ever use my blog to publish unrelated subjects to programming. This is one of them.

Our company Faraconesh Corporation is bound to hire new talented and professional .NET developers. If you like working with me in person in a small-growing company which offer good salary, insurance, flexitime working beside experts which are pioneers in Iran in their skills and you meet the following needs

At least 3 years of relevant experiences.

Deep knowledge of .NET, C#, SQL Server and NHibernate

Also ability to work in team and using issue trackers, source controls and the rest of teamwork tools

Ability to work with WPF, WCF, WF and REST count as advantages

You can send your resume to jobs@faraconesh.com or to me at n.hajloo@gmail.com.

Faraconesh Corporation appreciates in advance your kind request to join and will arrange a meeting with you in next few days.

This is the Persian text for this advertisement.

کروکی آدرس شرکت فراکنش در نقشه تهران کتاب اول
من به ندرت در این وبلاگ مطالب غیرمرتبط با برنامه نویسی می‌نویسم. این مطلب یکی از آنهاست.شرکت ما، فراکنش قصد استخدام چند برنامه‌نویس بااستعداد و حرفه‌ای دات نت را دارد. اگر شما دوست دارید که با من از نزدیک در یک شرکت کوچک رو به رشد که حقوق کافی، بیمه، زمان کار آزاد و کار شانه به شانه با متخصصینی که در زمینه کاری خودشان از پیشروان هستند همکاری کنید و نیز درصورتی که شرایط زیر را دارید

حداقل سه سال سابقه کار مرتبط

درک و تسلط کافی و عمیق از ‫.NET, C#, SQL Server و  NHibernate

همچنین توانایی کار گروهی و استفاده از ابزارهای کار تیمی مانند ایشوترکر ها و سورس کنترها

توانایی کار با WPF, WCF, WF و REST مزیت به شمار می‌آید

را دارید

می‌توانید رزومه کاری خودتان را به آدرس jobs@faraconesh.com و یا برای من به آدرس n.hajloo@gmail.com ارسال نمایید.

شرکت فراکنش از درخواست همکاری محبت آمیز شما از قبل قدردانی کرده و در چند روز آینده یک قرار ملاقات با شما تنظیم خواهد کرد

How To Remove Write Protect from USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drive
USB Flash Drive
This is a technical blog and I hardly ever write an unrelated article on it. But recently I was dealing with an issue with my USB flash drive which I couldn’t copy any file on it. Actually it had been write protected despite it doesn’t have any write protect key in sides.
I surf all over the web and try more than 10 different solutions to resolve this issue. But none of them worked for me; finally I found the best solution which worked for me.

What’s the problem?

Each USB flash drive has its own Controller (or something like it). This controller install in flash drive whit producer, and it is responsible for accessing flash drive files. (Actually it is something like File System but work differently). Windows or other Operating Systems collaborate with this controller to access files. Those flash drives which own hardware key to control write protection in flash drives, work with this controller.

Some of simple flash drives which don’t have a hardware key, cannot use write protection, but in some cases which Controller corrupts, content of flash drive will be write protect (including my flash drives).

What’s the solution?

According to my search results, some of the producers like HP, provide an application which install flash drives Controller again and resolve the problem. But unfortunately my flash drive wasn’t an HP one, so, what should I do?

My Solution

Get a backup from your flash drive and format it in dismount mode. Dismount mode will remove all of the open handles from the flash drive volume and you can easily ditch the write protection mode. So do the following steps to resolve the issue.

  •    Plug flash drive to your PC (with Windows 7)
  •    Open Run dialog box (press Win+R)
  •    Type CMD and press enter (it will open Command prompt in administration mode)
  •    Change current path to your flash drive letter (like G:, D:, K: or whatever your flash drive is)
  •    Type this command in your command prompt and press enter
Format   /X   /Q   G:   // (which G: is your flash drive partition)
  •    It will ask you for a Drive Name (you can name your flash drive or leave it blank and press enter)
  •    Your flash will successfully format, and write protection will remove.
  •    If you still have write protection which is unusual event, you can use this command
Format /X G:

This type of format will take a long time and I suggest you to use first command instead of second one.

Hope your issue resolve with one of these commands.

Web 2.0 Navigation System

Web 2.0
Web 2.0

I’m going to start a new series of tutorial for web designers to show, How to design a Web 2.0 website or page. Today I’ll talk about Web 2.0 navigation system , and in future we’ll have other elements, eventually we’ll have a conclusion with putting these tutorials together.

Each websites has its own navigation no matter how big or small it is. If you are a web designer or a mid-size corporation and want to create a new website, this article shows you a way to create a Web 2.0 navigation system.

Web 2.0 pages should be Simple, Clean, Focused and Easy to Browse. So to have all these option together, you have to know Web 2.0 website use a different style for navigation. Those use a top and some footer links for navigation. I really like this type of navigation system, especially those which use footer or fat footers; here is the reason for these locations.

  •    Top links: Main goal for your web site. It should contain at least 3 and at most 5 items.
  •    Fat Footer: Usually uses for sitemaps or for products or services which your corporation releases.
  •    Footer: mostly use for some information about your company or your main product/service.

Based on your corporation size you have to use different items for Top Links, here are some of the best

  1.    Small-size: Home or About Corporation – Products or Services – Support – Contact
  2.    Mid-Size: Home or About Corporation – Products or Services – Partner or collaboration – News – CaseStudy
  3.    Large-scale: Home – Products – Services – Connect – Support

As it is obvious (HomeProducts/ServiceSupport) are main items which you mustn’t forget to put on your top links. Note that using a dropdown menu in Web 2.0 navigation is not recommended but a sub menu is always pleased. So if you want to add some items to your Products or Services, use a Sub menu system instead of a dropdown menu.

Top Menu Sample for Some famous Website
Top Menu Sample for Some famous Website

Fat Footer Items

I saw plenty of Web 2.0 websites with or without Fat Footer or even with different size (on height) of Fat Footer, so what’s the reason? When it is better to use a Fat Footer?

  •    Large-Scale: In most cases Large-scale corporations doesn’t use a Fat Footer and if it is so, there is an stylish Fat Footer just in a few pages not in all. So it shows that for large-scale corporation it is not recommended to use a Fat Footer and you have to use it in those pages which are the main pages, like Products or Services Pages, which related to some other pages and users may visits those pages too.
  •    Mid-size: It is necessary to use a Fat Footer for this type of corporations. It causes that users spend more time on your website. Mostly, all of the Services or Products lists in Fat Footer, and in some cases there are some links to some famous related reference; or even some famous customer or partner. It shows your reputation to visitors.
  •    Small-size: Depend on how your websites look likes, the items are different but it is recommended for small-size Corporation to use a Fat Footer. For instance if it is an official and serious website you have to act like Mid-size corporation. But if you have a friendly website you can put your entire sitemap on it.
Fat Footer Sample for Some famous Website
Fat Footer Sample for Some famous Website

Users like to know more about your company, its contact information and its support, so it is pleased to give them some information just next to CopyRight text, you can also add a sitemap, terms of use or privacy policy. Some cases also extend the footer by giving users a link to manage their profile.

Footer Sample for Some famous Website
Footer Sample for Some famous Website

Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4.0 Download Links

Visual Studio Logo
Visual Studio Logo

This is not so far which Microsoft released VS 2010 and .Net Framework4.0. In the past post, I’d mentioned some of new VS IDE feature  and since release date I’d gathered a list from available online VS 2010. Here is the download list. Note that each link contain .Net framework 4.0 inside. 


GNU Logo
GNU Logo

‪Title : Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4.0 Download Links

‪Publish Date : 15/04/2010

‪Version : 1.0

‪Author : Nasser Hadjloo

‪Author Mail :  n.hajloo@gmail.com

‪Copyright (c) 2010 Nasser Hadjloo.

‪Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;

‪with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled “GNU Free Documentation License”.


File Type: EXE                                                             File Size: 48.1 MB 

Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition (Free) – This includes windows phone, C++, VB, C# and Web Developer 

File Type: ISO                                                              File Size: 693 MB 

VS 2010 Box
VS 2010 Box

Visual Studio Professional 2010 (Trial) 

File Type: ISO                                                              File Size: 2.19 GB 

Visual Studio Premium 2010 (Trial) 

File Type: ISO                                                              File Size: 2.27 GB 

Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 (Trial)

File Type: ISO                                                              File Size: 2.28 GB 

Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 (Trial) 

File Type: ISO                                                              File Size: 408 MB 

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 (Trial) 

File Type: ISO                                                              File Size: 1.56 GB 

If you are living on the countries which are under US government sanction, and also you don’t respect to human rights, you can easily install these trial version as a complete version! Vahid Nasiri is a Persian (.net) professional (actually a freelancer) who mentioned a way to install a complete version with trial setup files. You can read his article in Persian here, he used photo on the article which made this way as easy as possible.

Which Items an inhouse-Framework should have

There are dozens of frameworks on the world which many companies use them. In addition most of software developing companies have a in-house framework which designed to reduce costs (includes time with increasing a procedure, or other similar items) and increase development speed.


GNU Logo
GNU Logo

‪Title : Which Items an inhouse-Framework should have

‪Publish Date : 11/04/2010

‪Version : 1.0

‪Author : Nasser Hadjloo

‪Author Mail : n.hajloo@gmail.com

‪Copyright (c) 2010 Nasser Hadjloo.

‪Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;

‪with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled “GNU Free Documentation License”.


I don’t want to describe about a framework, but I tell a bit about it. And actually I will describe the necessary items which we have to put on our in-house framework.

What is an in-house framework? A framework which a company developed for a or the rest of his software’s, to increase functionality and share common procedures in all of his software’s. Note that a company may have a bunch of frameworks which provided for different kinds of applications.

framework logo

Which Items a Framework should have? This question has not a simple answer and in most cases we have to put on our in-house needs on it, but in most cases this framework should have some items which I’ll mention below. Note that you have to notice to your in-house needs to create an in-house framework and these items are not the only common items which your framework should have, these are only some of musts.

     1- Each framework should contain system base classes which our applications should use. Note that these are most common base classes and each base class which uses in just a class shouldn’t be here.

     2- Each framework should contain indeed Helpers which your company needs to use. For instance most of Iranian companies need a DateHelper which should convert Georgian calendar dates to Jalali dates.

     3- Each framework should have some classes to provide access to database. For example these classes should give an entity and save/update/delete/etc it from/to database. Something which ORM’s do nowadays but for your in-house framework it’s not bad to have some similar class if you do not use an ORM.

     4- Each framework should contain some Interface, abstract and other indeed enumerators which is common for all subsystems.

     5- A framework may have some common exceptions classes which may use in your business classes. Note that an exception which will use once on the system shouldn’t be here.

     6- Each framework should have a specific meaning, for example a developer should understand what your framework exactly can do?

The question which you may ask is that so where we should put our other classes which are not common? This is obvious; you have to put those in their application framework. The key point is that a framework will use in all of your subsystems and each application should have their own framework, so you have to put only common classes in the in-house framework and other indeed classes to their own application framework.

You can also add some other classes to your in-house application but note that they should be usable for the rest of your applications not only for a special application.

What Do You Need To Immigrate to Canada

Usually this Blog Contains Professional Content for Persian Developers, but today I want to show you a way to immigrate to Canada which is provided for Developers and other professionals.


GNU Logo
GNU Logo

‪Title : ‪What Do You Need To Immigrate to Canada

‪Publish Date : 02/02/2010

‪Version : 1.0

‪Author : Nasser Hajloo

‪Author Mail :  n.hajloo@gmail.com

‪Copyright (c) 2010 Nasser Hajloo.

‪Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;

‪with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled “GNU Free Documentation License”.


There is many way to immigrate to Canada. I’ll Describe Just One of them which I chosen for myself. For most of Developers and other professionals there is a simple way to immgrate to Canada. Canada let you immigrate as a Skill Worker and the type of visa which you may apply for it called Federal Skilled Worker.  this type of Application is different than Quebec Skill Worker.


Canada Flag
Canada Flag

What is Federal Skill Worker Visa?

Skill Worker Visa let you live, work and study like any native Canadian, With this type of Visa you known as a canadian permanent residence but not as a citizen. So you can do everything you like, studying, working or vice versa.

Who Can Apply For Federal Skill Worker? Citizenship and Immigration Canada website provide a simple slef test which You can check if you are a skill worker or not ? If you pass the test with at least 67 score then you are a skill worker and you can make your decision to apply.

How To Apply as Federal Skill Worker ? Application process is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee! To Apply You have to Download indeed forms and complete them, Citizenship and Immigration Canada website provide all forms and all of  them are free to download. you can Download all forms from CIC .

Application Procees :

There is 4 forms to complete, and if you want to use a representive (this is not a lawyer, just a representive which will follow your application proccess insteadof you, soif you do not wantto hire a representive you can ignore this form and if you want to hire a representive you have to fill this form). There is a Checklist form also, which help you ensure you complete all indeed forms. ( when you mail the forms you have to use this form as cover letter )

Finally you have to complete a free form which known as Fee Form this form provided by CIC and its free, you have to complete this form with your Credit Card Information, and if you live in any country butCanada, you can go to Canada Embassy in your region and give your application fee to them and give a Receipt and attach this receipttoyour application forms.

Canada Map 


Which Form I Have To Complete ?

  •    Application for Permanent Residence in Canada [IMM 0008] 
  •    Schedule 1: Background/Declaration [IMM 0008 SCHEDULE 1] 
  •    Schedule 3: Economic Classes [IMM 0008 SCHEDULE 3]  
  •    Additional Family Information [IMM 5406]  
  •    Fee Payment Form – Application for Permanent Residence – Federal Skilled Worker [IMM 5620] 
  •    Document Checklist [IMM 5612]   (use as cover letter)
  •    Use of a Representative [IMM 5476]  (optional – if use a representive then its necessary)

    How To Complete these forms ? CIC provide a complete Document which guid you through fill this forms. you can find it at this page or Download it from here. In this Introduction Guid you can find out how to complete indeed forms.

    How To Send Application Form? Depend on you residential Country you can send your application in some Canada Embassy. List of these embassy provided by CIC at this page. Note That for whom live in Iran or any where, if you are applying as a Federal Skilled Worker, You Have to Send Your Application to Centralized Office Intakes (CIO) on Sydney, Nova Scotia or Canada. and most important this is that if you send your application form after April 1 2009, you have to send your applicationjust to Canada CIO. this procces may changs at any time so you can see changes at this How To page at CIC.

    How Much I Have to Pay ? For application its just 550$ for a person and 1100$ for two persons (in Canada Dollar). any other cost should paid after application approval.

    After Approval How Much I need to Pay ? If you ignore Medical Tests which you have to take. and any other shipping fees to send application. If you pass all exams (I’d describe below) you only need to pay 490$ per person. and Also You have to open a Bank Account with at least 13700& for two Persons. Complete list of your Bank Account funds mentioned in this Document in CIC website. and also you can find out all of your application Fees in this Page at CIC.

    Short Application Process Description :

    •    You Have to Complete indeed forms (mentioned above).
    •    Complete the Fee Payment Form. (you can go to Canada embassy and paythere).
    •    Send Your Application Form.
    •    If Your application approved, then you will get a File Number and you can check your application process at anytime in CIC WebSite onthis page.
    •    After 3 – 5 years you will call to interview (in another country). if you pass you can go to next step and if you fail you can apply from the first step.
    •    If you acceptd in interview  then you haveto pass the Medical Tests.list of authorised Medican provided by CIC here. note that if you passthe interview, then embassy give you a form to pass some medical tests, and you have totest by only these authorised medican.
    •    Medican Test Result will send to Canada Embassy and you wont aware of medican result.
    •    If you pass the Medican Test then your visa will issueance and you have to go to Canada less than a Year.

    نحوه راه اندازی سرویس SMS برای وبلاگ

    از روزی که با تویتر آشنا شدم با یکی از دوستان (همکاران شرکت) به فکر ایجاد یک سرویس sms برای اون بودیم تا اینکه بتونیم با موبایل از هر جایی تویتر رو بروز کنیم و اگر کسی مطلبی اونجا می‌نویسه، با همون موبایل بتونیم اطلاعات رو بخونیم.

    امروز توی وبلاگ سار که من همیشه اون رو دنبال می‌کنم یک مطلب دیدم با عنوان به من اس ام اس بفرستین من که خیلی تعجب کردم سریعا پیگیر قضیه شدم و حیفم اومد که اون رو با شما قسمت نکنم.

    داستان از این قراره که چند وقتی هست که تویتر این سرویس اس.ام.اس رو برای آمریکا و کانادا و هند از طریق خود سایت تویتر فعال کرده و براحتی اگر توی اون کشورها باشید می تونید با استفاده از SMS هر کاری بکنید فقط کافیه وارد account خودتون بشید و از قسمت Setting وارد Devices شده و شماره تلفن همراهتون رو وارد کنید. بعد از اون براحتی می‌تونید تویت کنید.

    اما اشخاصی که مثل من توی اون سه کشور زندگی نمی‌کنن باید از یک سایت دیگه با نام www.twe2.com استفاده کنن. بعد از باز کردن صفحه twe2 باید با همون نام کاربری و کلمه عبور twitter وارد بشید بعد از همین tab فعال از dropdownlist کشورها نام کشورتون (ایران) رو انتخاب کنید و شماره تلفن همراهتون رو بدون صفر وارد کنید مثلا 912xxxxxx بعد روی Confirm کلیک کنید با این کار یک sms برای شما میاد با متنی شبیه به این

    فرستنده : Twe2

    متن : Enter 7121613 in the Twe2 Confirmation box to confirm your mobile.

    بعد از وارد کردن شمارتون توی box یک sms دیگه براتون میاد، این دفعه این شماره رو هم وارد کنید و روی Confirm Mobile کلیک کنید. اگر کارهای انجام شده درست باشه به صفحه اول میرید و اونجا وضعیت Confirmed از false به true تغییر داده شده. این یعنی که با موفقیت موبایلتون رو فعال کردید.

    نحوه دریافت sms

    برای اینکه بازدیدکننده‌های شما بتونن براتون sms بفرستن باید وارد اکانت تویتر شما بشن و براتون Direct Message بفرستن به این شکل که وقتی روی Direct Message کلیک کردن باید در ابتدای Box بنویسن

    d hajloo matne payam

    و بعد متن پیغام اینکه حرف d مخفف چی هست نمی دونم ولی کلمه hajloo نام کاربری من در تویتر هست و یعنی که پیام رو برای حاجلو بفرست اگر هم قصد قدردانی از رامین رو دارید براش sms بفرستید به این شکل

    d saarblog mtane payam

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    نحوه فعال سازی GPRS همراه اول


    از آنجا که برای متخصصین و بخصوص جامعه برنامه نویس اینترنت جزو ابزار کار به حساب می آید و از آنجا که تعداد زیادی از برنامه نویس ها قبل از رسیدن به محل کار و در راه بازگشت به منزل ساعات زیادی را در مترو – ماشین – اتوبوس و … بصورت کاملا بیهوده به سر می برند. شاید این سرویس GPRS که اپراتورهای مختلف کشور اراپه می کنند بتونه خیلی مفید باشه و باعث شه ساعاتی رو که در شرکت برای چک کردن ای-میل و یا خواندن feed ها – در این ساعات بی کاری اختصاص بدن و وقتی سر کار هستند تمرکز بیشتری روی کار کردن داشته باشن . به همین دلیل نحوه فعال کردن سرویس GPRS همراه اول رو اینجا می نویسم . خود من تا بحال موفق نشده بودم این سرویس رو فعال کنم چون گوشی همراهم این سرویس رو پشتیبانی نمی کرد اما این تنظیمات رو برای چند نفر انجام دادم و کاملا کار می کنه .

    برای راه اندازی این سرویس اول باید درخواست فعال سازی سرویس GPRS رو داده باشید که برای این کار باید به آدرس


    برید و فرم رو پر کنید – اطلاعات خاصی نمی خواد فقط شماره رو ازتون می گیره و اسمتون رو ( من خودم سرویس GPRS رو برای تمام خانوادم با اسم خودم فعال کردم ) بنابراینبرای درخواست  حتی اسم رو هم می تونید بصورت fake وارد کنید .

    وقتی درخواست رو تکمیل کردید دو راه برای فعال سازی گوشی همراه تون دارید . راه اول اینکه از برنامه ای که خود سایت همراه اول درست کرده استفاده کنید برای اینکار به آدرس


    برید و فرم رو تکمیل کنید بلافاصله بعد از تکمیل یک SMS برای شما میاد که باید اون پیغام رو باز کنید روی update یکبار کلیک کنید و نهایتا Pincode سیم کارتتون رو وارد کنید .

    همراه اول
    همراه اول

    اما اگر نمی خواید درگیر این همه پین کد و sms و غیره و ذلک بشید و یا دوست دارید تنظیمات رو بصورت دستی وارد کنید . به این شکل اقدام کنید . – وارد بخش تنظیمات Wap یا World Wide Web یا Internet یا هر اسم دیگه ای که نسبت به گوشی مشا از سایرین متفاوت هست بشید .  ( قسمت مربوط به تنظیمات GPRS )

    گزینه APN رو پیدا کنید و توی اون بنویسید : mcinet

    گزینه Bearer رو پیدا کنید و اون رو روی GSM-GPRS/GPRS بزارید در بعضی از گوشی ها این کلمه وجود نداره – در این موارد گزینه GPRS Only یا GPRS First انتخاب کنید .

    گزینه Wap Proxy یا HTTP Proxy و یا هر دوی اینها رو ( اگر گوشی شما هر دو رو داره ) پیدا کنید و اون رو با اعداد پر کنید توجه کنید که این ip برای هر دو پروکسی یکسان هست .

    گزینه Wap Port رو پیدا کنید ( اگر گوشی شما فقط Wap داره می نویسه Port – اما اگر هم http و هم wap رو دارید گزینه port که زیر wap هست رو ) با شماره ۹۲۰۱ تکمیل کنید

    گزینه HTTP Port رو پیدا کنید ( اگر گوشی شما فقط Http داره می نویسه Port – اما اگر هم http و هم wap رو دارید گزینه port که زیر HTTP هست رو ) با شماره 8080 تکمیل کنید .

    گزینه Home Page رو پیدا کنید و آدرس Google.com رو توی اون وارد کنید ( این آدرس چون معتبر هست برای تست خیلی خوبه – توصیه می کنم از آدرس دیگه ای استفاده نکنید )

    تنظیمات تمام شد به اینترنت خوش آمدید . امیدوارم از این به بعد ساعاتی که سر کارصرف چک کردن ای-میل  میشه رو بشه اینجوری سپری کرد .

    تبریک یا یادآوری روز کوروش ؟

    کوروش کیبر
    کوروش کیبر

    امروز مطلبی بی ربط به IT ، نرم افزار یا هر چیزی از این دست می نویسم ، شاید تعداد پست های این وبلاگ ، که بی ربط باشه ( و بی ربط نوشته شه ) بسیار کم باشه اما در ارتباط با این موضوع نمیشه که ننویسی . خیلی خواستم این موضوع رو به این وبلاگ نکشم و توی وبلاگهای تاریخی خودم ( تاریخ ایران باستان و یا خبرگزاری خط میخی ) راجع بهش بنویسم اما دیدم نمیشه ، واقعیت اینه که برای هر شخصی یک چیزهایی همیشه مهمه و با ارزشه و اون شخص خودش رو زندگیش رو بر روی اون ارزش ها استوار می کنه و می سازه . برای من هم چیزهای معدودی خیلی خیلی مهم هستند، که یکی از مهمترینشون کوروش هست ، کوروش کبیر ، کوروش بزرگ ، ذوالقرنین ،  سیروس و یا هر اسمی که روی این انسان بشه گذاشت برای من اصلا اهمیت نداره !! چیزی که در مورد این شخص برای من مهم و با ارزشه انسان بودن و تبلیغ صلح و محبته ، چیزی که امروز به اسامی خیلی زیادی تبدیل شده که هر کدوم از اون اسم ها ، از اسم دیگه کیلومترها فاصله معنایی داره ، مثل دموکراسی و دوستی که اصولا هیچ ربطی به هم نداره .

    از اینها که بگذریم این روز ، روز کوروش ( کبیر یا … ) رو به خودم و سایرین تبریک نمی گم !! بلکه این روز رو گوشزد می کنم و یادآور میشم ، تا حداقل اشخاص مرتبط با IT ، ( که احتمالا تنها خوانندگان این وبلاگ باشن ) در برخورد با مشتری ها ، دوستان و یا هر شخص دیگه ای ، کمی تجدید نظر کنن و انصاف رو رعایت کنن . این روز رو یادآوری می کنم تا اگر کسی ، باور نداره که می تونه کاری کنه که جهان رو متحیر کنه ، اشتباه می کنه ، مطمئنا اگر کسی اراده کنه ، که کوچکترین کاری برای تحول در عرصه ای (‌حتی کوچک ) انجام بده ، مطمئنا در همون سطح ، تحول ایجاد شده رو خواهد دید .

    مقبره کوروش کبیر ، فرمانروای صل� گستر و آزاده ایرانی
    مقبره کوروش کبیر ، فرمانروای صلح گستر و آزاده ایرانی

    امیدورام جزو کسانی باشیم که روز مرگ بتونیم مثل کوروش توی وصیت ناممون بنویسیم :”دستور دادم ، تا بدنم را مومیایی نکنند تا ذره ذره بدنم ، خاک ایران را تشکیل دهد” و بعد از اینکه کسی این وصیت نامه رو خوند ، بهمون نخنده ، همونطور که کسی به خودش اجازه نمیده به این حرف (‌حداقل در ارتباط با شخص ) کوروش بخنده .

    سربلند ،  آزاد و ایرانی باشید ، قربان شما ناصر حاجلو